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Realize Raingardens Rochester
Realize Raingardens Rochester

During summer 2009, the City of Rochester launched Realize Raingardens Rochester, a cost share grant program to promote the installation of raingardens in Rochester.  This program was co-developed by a task force of interested citizens, landscape professionals, and City Public Works staff so that selected sites can be used to demonstrate how raingardens slow, treat, and infiltrate storm water, while adding beauty to neighborhoods and creating habitat for song birds and butterflies.

Thinking about adding a raingarden to your landscape in 2015? It isn't too early to start planning! 2015 grant applications will be accepted between January 1 to May 1. Residential applications must propose projects located within Rochester's city limits on a residential parcel owned by a Rochester citizen. Community applications must be submitted by a non-profit organization for a proposed location within Rochester's city limits that has an ability to reach large audiences. School applications must be for an elementary, middle, or high school located within the city limits of Rochester. Cost-share grant awards will be for 50% of verifiable costs, up to a maxium of $750 per project. Eligible expenses include the cost for design, plants, mulch, soil amendments, related materials, and labor. More details of the grant award and requirements can be found within the grant application packets. 2015 cost-share grant application materials are available by clicking the links below. Residential and Community applications will be accepted between January 1-May 1, 2015. School applications must be received by January 31. Questions can be directed to Megan at 507-328-2440 or
2015 Community Realize Rain Gardens Rochester Application
2015 Residential Realize Rain Gardens Rochester Application
2015 School Realize Rain Gardens Rochester Application
2015 Realize Rain Gardens Rochester Supplemental Documents

RRR 2014 Cost-Share Grant Award Completed Gardens:
Gonzalez Raingarden: 3485 Jasper Court NE
Olsen Raingarden: 1427 15th Avenue NW
Walker Raingarden: 1734 22nd Avenue NE
Community Cost-Share Grant Award Winner - First Unitarian Universalist Church of Rochester: 1727 Walden Lane SW

RRR 2013 Cost-Share Grant Award Winners:
Savage Raingarden: 2049 50th Street NW
Spencer Raingarden: 1914 Viola Heights Lane NE
Community Cost-Share Grant Award Winner - John Adams Middle School: 1525 31st Street NW
RRR 2012 Cost-Share Grant Award Winners:
Herman Raingarden: 2600 Boulder Ridge Drive NW

RRR 2011 Cost-Share Grant Award Winners:
Attleson Raingarden: 429 19th Ave. SW
Blocksome Raingarden: 6304 Shetland Dr. NW
Solem Raingarden: 5720 23rd Ave. NW
Tarashanti Raingarden: 930 17th St. SE
Walker Raingarden: 1734 22nd Ave. NE
Wojcik Raingarden: 984 Fox Knoll Dr. SW

RRR 2010 Cost-Share Grant Award Winners: 
Anderson Raingarden: 16 7th Avenue NE
D'Ambrosio Raingarden: 801 6th Avenue SW
Gathje Raingarden: 1704 8th Avenue SE
Petersen Raingarden: 621 3rd Street NW
Swanson Raingarden: 2421 18th Avenue NW
Tarnow Raingarden: 2114 Glenview Lane NE
Viking Villiage Raingarden: Viking Village Drive NW, behind unit #53

RRR 2009 Cost-Share Grant Award Winners: 
MacIlraith Raingarden: 2915 15th Avenue NW
Sehl Raingarden: 1865 21st Avenue NW
Sixta Raingarden: 425 15th Avenue SW
Storino Raingarden: 1005 23rd Avenue SW

Raingarden Installation Videos!   

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